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Our Kids Break Us and Keep Us Going

Our kids both break us and keep us going.

They drain every drop of our energy and they give us life.

They bring us to tears and make us laugh so hard we might even tinkle a little.

We want to hide from them and also make them sit on our laps and never and let them leave the house.

We love them and we like them.

And here’s the secret, if you think your kids are amazing as littles you’ll find the taller they get the more amazing they become. I think that’s backed up by some sort of math? Or maybe science?

But as they stretch and grow the more their cares now weigh on our hearts (and also the more we rejoice in who they are as they become their full grown up selves).

We want them to know they are a gift to the world and that the world owes them nothing.

We want them to set good boundaries and also love with wild abandon.

We want them to use all the gifts God has given them and to take only what they need.

Parents feel all the things all at the same time.

No wonder we are exhausted.

And yet the love we have for our people keeps us going when we think we can’t take another step.

They’ve cracked our hearts wide open and we wouldn’t change a thing.


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