Greetings and welcome! I'm glad you are here!


Like 37% of girls born in the 1970s my name is Amy, also known as Amy B.because last initials were helpful with all of those Amys running around. I was born and raised in the beautiful UP of Michigan and I feel a little bit of sadness when it is left off a map. I currently live in Wisconsin and before you ask, I do not root for the Packers. Instead, I’m cheering on whichever team has the most blue (my favorite color) on their uniform and also I talk through all games because football is too stressful. Honestly I’d rather just eat snacks and chat (real fans think I’m a delight, clearly). I share a home that we are chronically fixing up with my creative and patient and amazing husband Todd. We started dating in college and now have somehow been together for almost a quarter of a century and have brought 5 new fresh humans into the world. The oldest two girls have been launched off to college but find their way back home enough to keep my heart happy. The three still at home miss the extra hands cleaning the kitchen and taking turns mowing the lawn and of course just miss having their sisters around (they may not admit this if asked). Watching them become a little troop of friends has been one of the delights of my life. I want to force them all to watch the show Parenthood on a loop to inspire them to all live near each other (and us) and share life together as they grow.

I am an educator with a Master’s Degree in leadership, and curriculum and instruction, and I have been working in public schools for over 25 years. For the last 18 years, in my role as literacy coach, I talk fast and try and bring the energy to support teachers in their best practice. I landed in the world of literacy because books are one of the biggest joys in the world. The best home project ever is my secret book room where I can keep my giant growing book collection. Teaching writing made me a better writer because kids give the best, most honest feedback in the world.

Fun Facts: 

I’m passionate about raising good humans, April Fools Day pranks (but no other pranks on any other day please because outside of April Fools’ Day pranks are just mean), comfy clothes, binge-watching shows I’ve seen a million times on a loop, forced family fun and trying to get as many cats into this house as I possibly can.

Faith Facts:

I am somehow still Catholic, but every rule and regulation regarding religion is currently up for grabs around here as I deconstruct all I learned from man about who God is, in order to figure out exactly what it is God intends for us to be in this world. I know for sure God is love and that has given us each other to see this journey through, and it is our job to love each other well. I am certain he wants equality for all humans so every single person is welcome and protected here, full stop. I love to empower people to find the joy in the little things of life and to know they are not alone when they struggle. I hope you have found your people here. Glad to have you.