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Back to School with Name Bubbles

When my kids were little I scoured the interwebs for cute name labels to label all of the things. 

And on top of that, we had so many matching things…double Webkinz (who remembers these?), matching Nerf Guns, not to mention when back to school hit and we somehow needed to write names on roughly a bazillion notebooks and pencils and gym shoes.

Back in the day, I ended up making some of my own that sort of worked, but recently I came across Name Bubbles and legit this is just what I had always been looking for! These are awesome personalized name labels and they are washable on top of everything else. They also come in super cute patterns and you have the option of designing your own. Perfect for my creative peeps. And they have been voted best labels for lunchboxes and clothing for three straight years by the New York Times.

It actually makes me excited for Back to School season, because sticking stickers on things makes my 80’s heart happy and is way easier than busting out my Sharpie. I want to time travel back to the year I had all 5 in the back to school supply world and hand her these beauties.

But, I’m also seriously getting some for not only our back-to-school people but also for all the things my tall people fight over, starting with our phone chargers. I long to finally settle the long-standing, “THIS IS MY CHARGER!” argument, for the love. 

I’m getting some for the many matching work uniforms that come with three tall kids working at the same place and for the water bottles everyone claims is for sure theirs because these babies are, wait for it, dishwasher safe. I’m labeling all the lacrosse gear. The options are actually just endless. 

On top of name labels, they also carry medical labels, to alert people to conditions or allergy information (perfect for lunch containers), write on labels, which I will be adding to the top of my food containers in the freezer that I currently end up throwing out because I can never remember what is in them or what I even made (also have I mentioned I can never find tape), 

And this company gives back which I love, for every back-to-school pack sold they donate $1.00 to Blessings in a Backpack, an organization that provides meals to food-insecure children on the weekends. 

Use code BUBBLE20 for 20% off.

You can find name bubbles HERE.  

{Please note this is one of the companies I have the privilege to work for and I do receive a portion of all sales made through this link, so share it with your friends to spread the joy to them and to me! I don’t share many ads and I’m always appreciative when you all show the love to the companies I love. Thank you!}



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