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Our Book Club Picks: Get Reading in the New Year!

Our book club has been on a roll this year, so many awesome people and so many awesome books. Enjoy our book club picks along with this list of books which recaps my favorite books read to date. Each of these books was test on many readers so I’m confident each would make a great gift! We would love to know what you think of them if you end up diving in, just join us over at Hiding in the Closet with Books, that is where the real fun is!

I present…

Hiding in the Closet with Books Book Club Picks.

book club picks


In Five Years

This book was our first fiction read in the club so it’s a throw back, and while we had a few outliers it was a great read for getting back into reading fiction. It wasn’t too heavy but kept you turning pages. I ended up reading others by this author such as  The Guest List because I really enjoyed her style of writing.


The Midnight Library

This is one of the books on the list that sticks with you. Trapped between life and death, our main character finds herself in a library able to open different books that are there to show her how her life would have gone had she made different decisions along the way. So many what ifs….so little time. This book is awesome for the book lover in your world and for anyone who has ever wondered about the path not taken.


The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue

Addie LaRue finds herself set free from a future she didn’t want only to find the price is both immortality and invisibility. Spanning over decades this book will make you question everything you know about living life…and then of course there is an awesome twist because what book isn’t better without that?


The Giver of Stars 

I listened to this one on audible to prepare for our book club and it made me want to drive around the block to hear just a little more. Based on the actual horseback librarians of the Appalachian mountains, you will not only appreciate the access we have to books in 2021 but the sacrifices of these women to bring books to others are a wonderful part of our history. Of course, there is a great love story and a mystery to boot. SO. GOOD. Plus who doesn’t love Jojo Moyes?


The Lost Apothecary 

Love strong women? Love a great historical fiction read? This book has both. This one had me hooked from beginning to end and we had a ton to talk about not only about the plot but also about the social issues of the time and those of today. There is a reason this book is on all the lists!


The People You Meet on Vacation

A fun easy read, but as a 40-something I found myself sympathizing more with the main character’s mother than with the protagonist. I think my girls would love this one and I would love to talk to them about it! If you are looking for a light, fun beach read this is your book!


The Last Thing He Told Me

This thriller hooks you in right away and has a ton of twists and turns. The characters are amazing, there is a scene with disappearing vomit I would love to talk to you about (one of those little things you notice as a reader you can’t stop thinking about) It was a fun book to talk about with the group it gave us an awesome conversation. No spoilers here but if you love a good page-turner this is your book.


Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine

Eleanor endeared herself to the group and this book provided us with one of our deepest conversations as we explored the topics of loneliness and friendship and connection. The quirkiness of her character was a joy and we were rooting for her, and in turn ourselves, through the whole book. You will be thinking about Eleanor long after you have finished reading this book, I love a character that sticks with me!


Apples Never Fall

Liane Moriarty is a personal favorite so I loved this one. It is in my top 5 of her books, another one of the selections that kept us guessing and reading and waiting to talk.  This is s book about what it means to be a family and in particular what it means to be a mother. The 4 siblings in the book gave us lots to talk about and to connect to as well and I love a book about family and adult siblings, it is just a complicated and yet amazing relationship. Moriarty did an awesome job with all of it!


Wish You Were Here

Let me start by saying I love Jodi Picoult but had taken a bit of a break from reading her stuff. This book reminded me why I love her writing. I wasn’t sure how I would feel about a book set during the pandemic, so much of my reading has been to escape reality, but she dealt with the topic as a plot point, not a commentary. Awesome characters and an amazing plot twist (wait for it!) made this one of my favorites.


It Ends With Us

I had no idea this book was a Tik Tok sensation when we chose it, but my teenage girls were in line for it when I was done. This one made us think about relationships in a whole new way. The complexities of love and how far we will go for those we love are both things we chatted about in our club conversations. Hoover has the formula for this type of fiction down and her books are page turners, I also devoured It Starts With Us!


The Rose Code

An original take on a book set during the Holocaust, we learned so much about the role of strong and smart and capable women who took on the challenges of war and were leaders in helping their countries. The diverse characters in this book are all drawn together when they are given the opportunity to use their skills and gifts and are also asked to take vow of secrecy. You will love this one by Kate Quinn and you will be dying to talk to someone about it!

book club picks


The Personal Librarian

For those of who love historical fiction based on an actual time and place this one is for you. First for all you book lovers it centers around a library (who could ask for more) and a woman who was ahead of her time, moving in a man’s world and also trying to hid the secret of her ancestry that could make her lose everything. This was another for amazing conversation as we talked about we found in history and how the author wrote this history as a story. So good!

book club picks


The Silent Patient

OK, so you will want to be reading this book with someone you can talk to simply because you will have a moment where you are saying, “NO WAY!” to someone near you as you read this book and that someone will think you are less crazy if they are reading it too. Page turner, check. Great characters, check. Lots of suspense, check. A good twist, check. An ending you will keep talking about, also check. Enjoy!


The Forest of Vanishing Stars

Another awesome historical fiction book which sheds additional light on the holocaust and how one woman was able to help save so many, simply because of one tragic turn of events in her own life. (You might be sensing a strong woman theme in these titles!). This was another I couldn’t put down, I listened to the audible which was awesome, wonderful narration. A book club pick nearly everyone will love!

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