join the club!

Come on over and hide in the closet with books! Our book club is one of my all-time favorite things! You can join here and find out what book we are reading together this month. In addition to our monthly book, we have an online Zoom (hosted by me!) where we chat together about all of our reactions plus a whole lot of other things because we are fun like that. Our meetings give me life, they are just so much fun.

We talk about the book in the group as well, there will be questions to respond to and you are welcome to ask any of your own. You also have a say in what we read together! Each month I curate a list of some of the best books out there and we vote on which we will read. So fun!

This group is also the place to be for all things books…conversations are happening all the time about what people are reading, and what they like and don’t like and our meme game is top-notch. There is no cost to join, it is all free fun! Come on over and see what it is all about!