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Easter Basket fun for ages 12 to 21

It’s just about time for Easter Basket fun! Now when my kids were little it was so easy to find a few fun things to tuck into their Easter Baskets that weren’t candy. But once they got older it was a little bit harder. If this is also the case for you my friends, let me provide just al little help with some fun ideas for your Easter Baskets for your soon to be tall and already tall kids. Enjoy!



Personalized name necklace


Rare beauty blush

 (order early it’s a big Tik Tok thing!)


Fenty beauty lip gloss 


Pink plush throw.

Ice roller for face


Trunco water bottle


Lip sleeping mask


Cat socks If they are not into cats there are a ton of other cute choices!


OPI Funny Bunny nail polish 

Moon lamp 



LED basketball lights

Gamer headphone charging stand 

Nothing says Happy Easter like an emergency car kit

Pokemon cards 

Mini Arcade Game


Sony portable speaker 


Waterproof lighter


Waterproof clip on bluetooth speaker 

Easter legos    (I mean they have a bunny!)

Custom hot wheels 



Wrap them in love in this burrito blanket  (they have pizza and waffles and chocolate chip cookies too!)

Bluetooth charging speaker with lights 


Magnetic fidget rings 

Brain teaser puzzle 

Cloud slippers 


Easter sticker book  (and for adults )

Blue tooth headphones 

Burts Bees kit

Air pod cleaner 


Premium colored pencils 


Sensory fidgets 

Movie night

Rainbow fidget pen


Portable charger 

Mini ice cream maker




If you want to be a big spender Tshirt subscription box . (I wish would have seen this at Christmas!


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Be Where Your Feet Are Sweatshirt