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11 Fun Gifts for the Midlife Woman You Love (or things you can ask for yourself!).

I present, fun gifts for the midlife woman, I don’t know maybe early life women would love these too?  Or teenagers? Anyway, we always say we don’t want a thing. We just want the joy of our families and our children and oh my word we mean it when we say it. But it is also not helpful at all for people around us. I am here for your friends. Here is a list of things you could buy for that woman in your life or just send to someone who is looking to buy something for you! I love everything on this list, some were impulse buys I ended up really happy with or things I just really, really wanted.

PS You can also buy these for your own sweet self!


  • Loves baby soft This was my very first perfume ever. It was iconic, found on the shelves of Prange Way and Shopko (remember these stores?) and when I found it under the tree at the age of 11 or 12 I felt very grown up. If Love’s Baby Soft wasn’t your first signature scent find the one that is, or ask that special someone what the first perfume was they ever used and take note. I also found United Colors of Benneton was available and now I toggle between the two. Nostalgia all the way!
  • Bowls These bowls are the most popular ones in my house right now and they fill me with joy. They are perfect for all the things, especially past and rice bowls. They make you feel fancy at mealtime. The colors are wonderful. I bought myself 2 sets and they fill me with joy.
  • Earwax thing I cannot tell you why this is fun for me but it is. This little device helps you get earwax out of your ears and it makes a little video of it. We might spend time cleaning our ears out for fun talking about how gross it looks on the video. Then our ears feel amazing and so do we. Again, no explanation for why this is joyful but here we are.
  • Grinder  My very smart brother in law recommended it to me and he was not wrong. It is such a great gadget, you can grind your beans for any occasion, espresso, regular coffee, french press. And pressing the hat button and hearing the beans grind just brings me great joy. A little coffee shop sound and moment right in my own kitchen. Any coffee lover will appreciate this one.
  • Espresso cup.  How cute is this one? This cute little cup is a joy bringer with it’s little wooden handle and I keep it right under my espresso maker where I can smile at it every day. It isn’t expensive so it’s a great gift when you just need a little something.
  • Flair pens and sketch book For the writer in your life…these are my staples. I always have one of these notebooks (in various sizes) and a big pouch of Flair pens, the ones I have linked here are scented for that touch of nostalgia. This is a winner for everyone, teachers included.
  • Headache hat  Migraines are sadly my companion and if you know someone who feels the same this is such a caring gift to give. This headache hat saves my life on the regular and it might help someone you know, they will feel seen too…you know they suffer and are trying to help. What is better than that?
  • Label maker  This gadget is fun for the whole family. Seriously. I labeled all of my shelves and cabinets and my kids labeled everything else in my house with funny names. Seriously so much fun, it’s the gift that keeps on giving and will make anyone feel like they are on their way to being organized whether they are or not. Win/win.
  • The stationary shop book  I have so many books I can recommend to you (list coming soon!) but this was my favorite read of the year. It’s a little under the radar for some reason so the book lover in your life may not have read it but is sure to love it!
  • Coffee maker  My. Coffee. Maker. I love this thing. It ended my constant Starbucks runs (sorry Starbucks). I scoured the interwebs for the best combo coffee/espresso maker and this guy is it. I make a pot of coffee in the morning then a fancy coffee drink later in the day. DELIGHTFUL.
  • French fry/chip basket We got our fries in a restaurant served in these little baskets and I literally ordered them right there at the table. They just make a regular dinner cute and fun and again, joy. Just a little joy.This Bedford Falls Sweatshirt! For the It’s a Wonderful Life Fan in your world nothing could be better than cozying up to your favorite movie in this amazing, comfy sweatshirt. For the person who is not into Christmas may I suggest that all they need is love??  Enjoy my friends!
  • {Some links are affiliate links through Amazon which means I make a bit from each purchase. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support.}

Be Where Your Feet Are Sweatshirt