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Gift Guide for the Cat Lover and their Cats

This was one of them most fun gift guides to make! So you have a cat lover in your life? I am clearly here for you. We have four basically wonderful cats and here are all the things we bought for them this year. ENJOY!

Cat bowls. These bowls are seriously the cutest thing in the world and watching our cats eat of them with their little ears right in position is darling. They are also nonskid and don’t hurt their whiskers like deeper bowls might. They also come in a ton of fun colors!

Cat clippers These are our favorite cat clippers, we use them to put on the cute nail caps below. 

Cat nail caps Not only do these make your cats look super fancy (sometimes in a really funny way, I’m looking at your giant male cat with sparkly pink claws) but they also save your furniture! These have been a godsend in our home.

Cutest Cat Scratch Post in the World Our cat love this one and it is adorable so I can’t even decide which room to put it in. Currently it is in our front room so people can see if they stop by and it’s also in the sunniest spot in the house. Win/win.

Cat robot This is what our kitties are getting for Christmas this year! It is supposed to be so much fun and also it’s cute and makes me feel like I’m one of the Jetsons.


Cat House Oh my word Todd brought one of these home and all of our cats, even the super shy anxiety ridden pal that never comes out, loves this cat house. They take turns sitting in it and scratching and watching the world go by. I love it!

Cat door This is the door we put in the door to our basement so we could finally keep that door closed and our fur babies could come and go as they pleased. It is one of the cutest things in the world, second only to the door below.

Here’s a VIDEO to our door set up!

Another cat door This is the door we have in our basement that leads to their litter box area. They can easily come and go from there and if we ever need the cats put away for any reason the door shuts and they are safe and sound with their litter boxes and places to rest. Trust me when I say this thing is flat out adorable and not too hard to install!


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