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God is Along for the Ride

I was the crazy lady you saw sitting in the campus coffee shop, computer open and half eaten wrap on my plate. I know I looked like I was coming undone with my glasses sliding down my nose, hair all over the place, not so silently mumbling to myself. I don’t blame you for giving me the side eye as you scooted past my table trying to both take it all in and also not make eye contact. I don’t blame you for choosing a table far far away from mine.

And your reaction didn’t bother me because you were just background to my moment as I prayed. And prayed. It was a moment between me and God although you couldn’t see him I know he was there. I wasn’t chatting with the voices in my head (this time).

You see I was waiting for my girl.

We were spending the weekend touring colleges and she was going on her musical theatre auditions which determine the course of her next four years. No biggie right?

For real. So. Many. Feelings.

Legit friends…I cannot remember the last time I felt so many emotions in a short period of time.

My crew back home supported me with texts while I supported her.

And so while I spent a lot of time waiting on my own while she did her thing, I texted home and I talked to Jesus.

A great combo.

Mostly I asked him to be with her when I couldn’t.

During the most stressful hour when she was across campus singing her heart out and auditioning like a champ, I could barely take it.

I went online and found a rosary to pray. The familiar repetition of prayers I learned kneeling next to my childhood bed brought me peace and calmed my racing thoughts. I sat in the coffee shop like a boss and just said those words right out because who has time to be self conscious when their kid needs them.

Not this girl.

And I allowed myself a wonderful moment of comfort…feeling God’s peace as he steadied my heart.

And then my heart pushed itself aside and I pleaded with Jesus to leave me and and please just be with her. Just help my girl he strong and do her best.

And I heard him say, “My child I can do both.”

I love when I hear him clearly and at the same time think…I should have known that.

Because of course he can.

He can hold up our children and he can be there for us. He can bring peace to our parents and to our neighbor.

He’s God after all…I sometimes forget he is not bound by our human limitations.

And I sometimes forget to ask him for the impossible.

And I sometimes forget he can use all things for his glory.

And I sometimes forget to thank him.

And I even sometimes forget to pray. I think I can do it all on my own.

But he never forgets me. And he never forgets you either.

Lean on him today in whatever you are going through. Never forget it’s ok to ask and pray even if your troubles seem small compared to others.

He can do both…take care of them and if you. Of us all. He’s got this.

He’ll do for you what he did for my girl and me, I’m sure of it.

She said she suddenly felt a calm go over her in the audition. I told her how hard I was praying at just that moment.


Our faith means we know without a doubt, God answered those prayers with the calm and peace she felt in her heart. There is no other explanation.

We don’t know what the results of all this audition business will be, but we can rest in the fact that no matter what, God is along for the ride.

And how great is that?


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