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I Can Still See My Babies

I am so excited to have a brand new post over on one of my all time favorites…Scary Mommy! This one has never before been seen on our blog, so here is a little preview before you head over there to get the full experience.

I Can Still See My Babies

I sat in church watching the family in front of me, a mother, a father and their grown daughter. As I watched, the mother put her arm around her daughter and her woman-daughter put her head right on her mother’s shoulder. I looked down to my five-year-old resting his head in my lap. In that moment a truth hit me. Our grown people really will always be our babies because when we look through our parent eyes, we can still see the babies they once were.

Click here to head over to Scary Mommy to read the whole post…and you might want to bring your tissues.


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