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Last Minute Love Bomb

Holidays tend to sneak up on me. Despite two trips to Target for Valentines and supplies to decorate Valentine’s Day boxes (worst job ever), I still do not have anything to give my sweet loves tomorrow. Shocker.

I am currently in the middle of a decluttering class (it’s a whole thing for another post you are totally going to dig) so my focus right now is bringing less STUFF into this house. We are already overrun with pencils and toys and stuffed animals and other crap that is associated with the day of love. This year, I’m falling back on something my kids remember fondly from when they were little…the Love Bomb. Let’s take a little walk down memory lane to see how this is done…

Photo evidence of the year I bought them all marshmallow suckers and Monchhichis and they all got the stomach flu that night and then hated their Monchhichis forever. Proof we shouldn’t waste money on stuff.

Here is how it works. First, make your peace with being cheap and easy (in a good way). You will also need a little time for this one, the half hour after your kids go to bed should suffice. Next, grab a pile of paper from anywhere in your home. Seriously, you can use stuff out of the recycling if it has a blank side. Hunt down a Sharpie, some scissors and some tape.

Kisses, Young Jedi, and Dancing Queen…you don’t even have to be terribly original to get this job done.

Cut a million and one hearts out of the paper. They do not have to be perfect, they just have to look in general like they are heart shaped. Once you have a huge pile you are going to need to dig deep and actually you might want a notebook to brainstorm for a minute. This is the important step…you are going to write candy heart style messages on each and every heart. It’s awesome if you can personalize these to your kids.

The last time I did this we had messages like “Young Jedi” for Thomas and “Best Actress Ever” which both Ellie and Lily claimed. You can also fill in with general “Love You Forever” and “Best Kids in the Land” and “You Knock My Socks Off”. Really the sky is the limit here. Write little messages from your heart, some for everyone and some personalized to that one kiddo that really needs to hear “You Are Rocking Math Class” or “#1 Sock Pairer”.

Original Love Bomb Day 5 years ago, I want to declutter those desks.

The last step is the only one you need to get up for, and you can do it because you just got a giant amount of sitting in while writing out these messages. Take the hearts and tape them all over your kitchen or family room or playroom or all of the above. There are no rules here. The goal is to wow them with the amount of hearts and love they will see when they get up in the morning.

You can stop there, or you can add Valentine’s balloons and heart shaped food and boxes of chocolate but you really don’t have to. Let each kid pick a heart or two and take it with them to school hidden in a notebook (for those teens that need to stay cool) or taped right to their shirt (for that 6 year old that still wants to advertise mom and dad’s love).

Original Love Bomb Day before my kids killed my awesome triple clock combo, just looking at that high chair makes me a little misty.

Your work here is done my friend. Love Day is one of my favorites because I delight in telling my kids I love them, even if it sometimes drives them insane. On this day I can channel my inner Beverly Goldberg and let all that love hang right out. I’m also a fan of this because it teaches my kids that love isn’t about gifts or things, but it is about sharing from your heart (although at least one of my people’s Love Language is gifts so I do buy them a box of candy). I hope they see that you can go big, show your love and not have to spend a dime.

Lily got the message, this was her gift idea that same year…a box of peace, love and joy. Feel free to steal her idea too.

Even at the last possible second this is something you can handle my friends, I promise. Here’s to Love Bombing someone you love on Valentine’s Day! If you pull it off we would love to see pictures…share the love!

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