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We Need to Look Up

As we walked into the house a few nights ago my smallest boy suddenly laid down on the sidewalk as we were walking into the house.

Look up mom! He said. I can see the stars.

And with that…he echoed what has been on my heart for weeks. Why don’t we just look up?

We are a people that walk around looking down. I see it everywhere and worst of all I see it in myself.

I love my phone but it can tie me up and blindfold me in an instant if I let it and all too often I do.

I need to look up and actually, we might all need to.

Look up, I say to my teenage kids as they scroll through their phones, oblivious to life around them. “One more snap they say, I’m talking here” and I know in their own way they are, but really what’s so bad about using your voice?

Look up, I remind myself as I do the same. Trying to squeeze in one last text or email during dinner making and homework. Trying to read one more article. Trying to connect in a way as I disconnect in another.

Look up, I want to say to the driver in the lane next to me eyes buried in a cell phone. For the love look up, I want us all to make it home.

Look up, I whisper to the mom taking her kiddo for a walk, looking down at a device in her hand as she pushes a stroller (clearly more coordinated than me). There is so much around you if only you would see it.

Look up, all of you people walking into stores and buildings and homes, lest you become a youtube sensation after tripping into a fountain or lest you miss your life.

Because I fear we are missing too much of it my friends.

How many times have I missed seeing the world around me because I was looking down?

How much of my life is going by as I scroll through newsfeeds and emails and funny memes?

How many times have I missed seeing the stars?

And how many times have I missed seeing my children’s sweet faces as they look at me longing to be seen?

All because I am not looking up at what is important and instead am looking down at something that is fleeting and does not love me and will not bring me joy.

So today, I will look up. I will see their faces and look into their eyes and I will point out the stars to them as we look up.

Look up and out and see this glorious real life, with no filters but love and a grateful heart.

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