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Stocking Stuffers Teen Girls Will Love

Stocking stuffers are actually one of my favorite parts of Christmas. I loved, loved, loved my stocking growing up and liked to save it for last and found such joy in those little lip balms with the slide off covers and one year even a comb I could put in my back pocket that had my name on it. Oh the joys of the 80’s!

Today I bring you what teenage girls might love in their stockings in the year of our lord 2022. All items were purchased for teenage girls this year or are on their current stocking stuffer wish list! Enjoy!


Cute animal socks For the Animal lover and they come in a multipack so if you have multiple girls you can separate these out and give a pair or two to each. A deal!

Loofah Get them more than one because sometimes someone’s roommate might use theirs and then they are very grossed out and need a new one ASAP. These are highly rated and have cool color choices. 

Notecards on ring These are both adorable and perfect for studying. I want a set for my purse for ideas and lists. The uses are endless. 

Yo-yo  The original Duncan with throw you all the way back to grade 4. It’s fun to get a little toy when you are almost grown up and if everyone gets one in their stocking you can learn tricks together! I want one so I’m including it here!

Detangling Brush This is a coveted and sometimes stolen item in my home. Getting one for all three girls ensures a few months where there is no brush drama. Always a great stocking stuffer.

Welly Blemish Patch This cute little container and bandage to help your pimples heal almost make having that little blemish fun. I said ALMOST.


Touch Screen Gloves These are adorable and functional. We lose a lot of gloves in our house so it also helps that these do not break the bank!


Matcha I have one who loves to make her own at home drinks and matcha has been where it is at for her. Just a little treat to tuck in that stocking!

Pencil or make up or supply case  I love things with little compartments and this little case doesn’t disappoint. I have purchased one for each of my girls over the course of time and they get used and reused for different purposes. This one could double as a gift especially if you fill it with some goodies they love!






Simple Make Up Bag If you are into something a little more simple this make up case comes in a bazillion styles, is affordable and highly rated. A triple stocking stuffer score!

Fidget Ring I have a few of these to help me stop picking at my cuticles and they really help! They are fun and a great way to get rid of a little anxiety just by spinning your ring (it is actually two pieces the bottom is stationary and the top layer spins). Highly recommend!


Exfoliator   If this item gets left behind after a trip home there is a call to drive it down or ship it back. Little bottles of fun potions are always fun to find in your stocking!

Mascara Who doesn’t love a new, fresh mascara and this one is a bit of a luxury especially for our poor college students. Super highly rated on Amazon as well.

Journal A beautiful journal is always a win, this one is 7 x 9 so it just fits in that stocking if it is stretch like ours. It also has over 1000 5 star ratings. I love journals and journaling and a beautiful pen along side this makes an awesome gift. 

Jumbo hair rollers OK when my daughter got this I had Laverne and Shirley flashbacks to them sitting in their little apartment doing their hair. They are retro and awesome and my girl loved the finished curls. Adorbs as the kids would say…probably a few years ago because I’m not up on the lingo.


Tank top This one comes in so many fun colors and makes the perfect stocking stuffer. I love having 3 girls because each can get their favorite color so the gift is the same but different! Wonderful ratings on Amazon are a plus here!


Silk bonnet I’m not going to lie when my girl put this on her head I had total Laura Ingalls flashbacks to when Laura and Mary would put their little bonnets on and crawl into bed. Love. But my curly haired girl assures me this preserves her curls and I should be wearing one too. Maybe if I get one in my stocking I will!


Silk Scrunchies Along the same lines these scrunchies are gentle on the hair. They are also adorable and the perfect stocking stuffer!


Sporty socks I see these on the feet of all the kids and my kids wanted some on their feet. I have stolen them on occasion to be comfy but also secretly hope they make me look cool. Nike is always in for all ages…right?

Blue butterfly wallet for phone: these little phone wallets are a teenage favorite and the perfect size for a stocking stuffer. My daughter loved the butterfly but there are a ton of other designs to choose from!

Lip Gloss Slider Tins: I found these awesome updated lipgloss slider tins so similar to the ones we had growing up! Love the ingredients (Vegan and cruelty free which is a selling point with my people) and they come in awesome flavors! Two styles and brands to choose from!

stocking stuffer

Phone charger Because you can never, ever have too many. I like to get the color coded ones so everyone knows who to yell at when they inevitably find their charger in someone else’s room. So fun.

Phone Charger Protector Another way to tell whose charger is whose. Also… CUTE.

Plant/Mushroom LED nightlight, This is actually just flat out adorable and I want one.

{I am lucky enough to be an Amazon affiliate and make a small amount from each purchase. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support when you order through these links!}

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