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Stocking Stuffers for the Teen Boys in your life

Stocking stuffers and gifts in general feel SO much harder for teen boys! But I am here to help…I cast a wide net in finding some things that teen or even tween boy in your life will love to find in his stocking. Some of these I have given before and others I am ordering this year after spending way too much time shopping around Amazon. Oh my word…also if you are my kid and you are reading this stop so you don’t spoil any potential surprised.

Here we go…

Fidget Ring. This was also on the girl list but it was actually my son that introduced these into our family. He wears a more masculine style but honestly his sisters still steal them. Love a fidget ring for everyone!

Pocket Knife. I feel like my boys can never have too many. They collect them and whittle stuff all over the place. The knives that are also multitools are also great stocking stuffers for gadget lovers in general!

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Matchbox car. Always a fun stocking stuffer for the kid in our tall kids, find one that matches a car they are dreaming of for a double win!!

Hand exerciser. This is sort of gadgety and also sort of exercisy and also gives them something to do with their excess energy.

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Toilet night light  So I got one of these in the family white elephant last year and my boys promptly stole it and installed it in the basement bathroom and thought it was hilarious. Toilet humor is apparently always funny. Enjoy.


Binoculars. These are super fun and pocket sized and can be taken anywhere…fun for hikes and boating and all the things. This stocking stuffer will get a lot of use.

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Lego minikit. Another one for the kid in our kids. Legos are gifts I feel we can give forever and ever. My son just gifted a minikit to my almost grown up nephew and he put it on his desk at work. Oh my heart.


Lego mug for the coffee and hot chocolate drinker or the teen who just wants to reminded of their childhood in the morning. We own this and it is so much fun.


Fidget pen This is both a fidget and a fun gadget and a toy and a pen. Who wouldn’t love this?



Soundbot shower speaker this one has over 30,000 almost 5 star ratings on Amazon and will save many a phone from destruction. For the music loving kiddo in your life.

Magnetic phone holder for your car. Keep that phone from sliding around and from being in their hand. This attaches to the car vent and I’m buying it for Thomas…shhhhhh.

  (limited time deal on this one too!)



Nail kit so you bought them a pocket knife…keep them from using it on their nails and get this awesome nail kit (currently 84% of). Boys like their nails to look good too and this kit has it all! A great stocking stuffer!



Mini portable charger this charger is small and plugs into their phone and they can still keep on going and use it. Super popular option for our teenagers!


LED rechargeable candle lighter. Perfect for the teen boy that likes to light candles or campfires, whatever is their jam. Also you will steal this from them so you can turn those tables!


Desktop vacuum. This little gadget is highly rated and amazing. It will vacuum your desk or work space, keyboard, all the things. I mean it’s worth a shot for getting that kid to clean!


Team number socks for sporty kid. These come in a variety of colors and all the numbers. So much fun for that kiddo to capture their number and this moment in time.


Finger Flick Football. Another fun option for the sport lover or the kid who just likes to have something fun to do at the kitchen table. Almost just like the one my friends used to make up with paper and their hands at the lunch table.


Pokemon Cards. This is something my boys always like. One is still in it but for another it is a really fun throw back.


Led back lights for monitor. For the gamer…led is all the rage and this is a simple thing they can put on their monitor to trick it out.


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{I am an amazon affiliate which means I make a small amount off of each purchase. Thanks from the bottom of my heart for buying through these links, I appreciate you!}


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