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The Perfect Grad Gift…the gift of Keeping Track of Your Stuff

Oh my gosh you guys I have the perfect grad gift for you and it is a must have for all your college kids. These Name Bubbles labels are the cutest and best purchase ever. I bought some for the girls who are deep into both dorm and apartment living, because if there is one thing we have learned it is that things get lost and mixed up in the shuffle of college living and life with roommates.

We are currently moving kids home and their stuff is a giant jumble. It is a real disaster. Please learn from our mistakes, people, we plan on learning from them ourselves. Next year is the year of the organized college student! And you can get ahead of the madness or join me in regrouping.

My trusty friends at Name Bubbles have labels for our college kids and they are life saving! Their labels are the MUST HAVE for grads and anyone in communal living. The are incredible, dishwasher safe, microwave safe, freezer safe, laundry safe and waterproof. Whew! So basically they can use them for all the things. They do not need to hold back and seriously one of my girls will be putting her name some Tupperware so she can hide her bag of peanut butter cups that were chronically missing. 

As we unpack from this past year, we are starting with labeling any and every item of clothing they want to get back some day. Trust me when I say there is so much borrowing and lending that things get lost. Now that they are home, they have both missing things and also stray things they have no idea who they belong to. These poor items may never find their way home. We just need names on things people! Add a laundry safe tag and your favorite t-shirt and at least it has a fighting chance to make it back to you.

End potential roommate squabbles by labeling food containers, dishes, favorite cups and mugs, whatever you need and want to label. If every kid has them there is no, “Oops I ate your pasta I didn’t know who it belonged to!” kind of moments, or at least less of them. There are also no, “Oops I took all your dishes when we moved out.”, kind of moments either. We want to avoid the oops. You are spending all this money to outfit their dorm and it is a real bummer when they leave behind a comforter and no one knows who it belongs to. One little label and that comforter is once again yours! Magic!

I’ll be honest I need these at home just for the sister and sibling situations too. For real. No more water bottle wonderings, everything has a name and I can even put my own on my favorite mug. Ha! Grab a college pack in a basic or fun design (the colors were chosen very carefully on ours!) and you have the perfect grad gift or way to organize your student. Get them here and use code hidingwithcoffee for 10% off your order! 

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