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What is the Value of a Life?

What is the value of a life?
Of the person you love or the person you hate.
Of the unborn baby or the person who just turned 101.
Of the one who you agree with about all the things or the one, you cannot understand one bit how their brain works?
Of the Republican or of the Democrat.
Of the sinner or of the saint.
What is the value of a life?
Of the Catholic or of the Jew.
Of the black person or of the white.
Of the filthy rich or of the terribly poor.
Of the immigrant or the native.
Of the policeman or the criminal.
What is the value of a life?
Of the able-bodied or the one who was born differently.
Of the learned man or the one who never finished school.
Of the one who works humbly with their hands or who makes millions without raising a finger.
Of the gay or of the straight.
Of the one who believes in God or the one that denies his very existence.
What is the value of a life?
If you sorted these in your head, assigning a higher value to some over others, if you had a moment where you felt I don’t care as much about that person or they would deserve whatever bad thing befell them or if you would be tempted to shrug away their pain….
Know this.
God would beg to differ.
To God, Every. Single. Life is precious. And loved. And cherished. And is to be protected and cared for and valued.
And on top of that, He calls us to love each of these people like He loves them.
It is not easy in the world today. One look at the comments section on any given post on social media will tell you we have a LONG way to go to loving our neighbor even a forth as much as we love ourselves.
And yet, we are called to love.
If only we could think about valuing and loving all people like we love those in our own lives that we cherish the most… like we love your parents or children or brothers or sisters or friends.
What a world that would be.
If only every single one of us would all stop to ask ourselves…what is the value of a life?
And answer as God would…priceless and loved beyond measure.


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