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You Could Do It Better Than Me

We’re Over At Scary Mommy talking about grace and sweaty parenting….enjoy!!

Hey, lady eyeing me up from across the way. I see that gleam in your eye and I know what you’re thinking.  I can feel the mom sweat coming out of every pore as I struggle under your gaze. You see I’m a hot mess. But this state of hyper-alertness caused by my kids misbehaving in public gives me extra senses and I can read your mind. You are thinking some version of a thought we’ve all had, “I could do better than she’s doing.” And you, most likely, are right.

When you see me and I’m dropping the ball at Target and yelling, “No we can’t stop at the dollar spot and for the love of God quit asking or when we get home I’m selling all your stuff,” you could absolutely do better.

When I’m at church and my kids are wiggly and noisy and poking each other and I have run out of ways to whisper-yell at them, you could do better.

When you see my teenager rolling her eyes at me at the mall and I do nothing but walk away, you could do better.

When my boy is having the mother of all tantrums over Legos in Toys R Us and yet I buy him what he wants, you could do better.

crazy sam

When my stress is at its peak and I’m ready to lose it, you could absolutely do it better.Of all of this, I am 100% sure. You could do better for so many reasons….

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You could do better for a million little, impossible to name reasons, but none of those reasons are because you love these kids standing in front of me more than I do.


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