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Today I am Tired and It’s OK to Tap Out

Today I am tired.
And I started moving all my apps around on my phone but got tired of doing that partway through and now I keep trying to open Audible but instead, I open the Dunkin app which is now located where the Audible app used to live so my brain keeps getting excited about coffee but never actually gets coffee.
There’s a hole in my sock.
And my house is a legit disaster. Like partway through 50 projects with no end in sight so I’m vacillating between totally giving up and yelling at everyone to CLEAN SOMETHING kind of disaster.
My head hurts.
Feeding people day in and day out is starting to make me crazy. I’m sick of thinking about food and buying food and throwing away food. Where is that food machine thing they promised us on the Jetsons? I feel lied to.
There is no sun where I live today apparently.
I mean that in all the ways.
Some days are just hard. Maybe you’ve been there? It’s 6:30pm and you feel like throwing in the towel for the day is just the best thing for all involved.
So tonight I put myself in time out. I’m up in my room with my favorite one-eyed cat and the kids are cleaning some things and I’m just going to take a breath.
I’m. Going. To. Just. Breathe.
On the days when all we can do is lay down and look at the ceiling, we are still enough.
God loves us even when we are total lunatics on the edge and that’s not nothing.
I imagine him watching me and telling me to set all the things down. All of them. And to just breathe and rest.
There are no prizes in heaven for wearing yourself out trying to do a few more dishes in a day. Also, he doesn’t care one bit about how organized our phones…or our houses…actually are.
He does care about our hearts and I trust he can see all the ways we have done good in our day even when we have a toe that keeps poking out of the hole in our sock so we’re a little distracted and can’t see them ourselves.
He can take our failures…yes even our failures…and use them for his glory.
As a matter of fact, my kids are laughing and cleaning and so that process has always been started right in my kitchen it seems. #heworksmiracles
Tap out when you are tired and need to my friends. Our God will take it right from where we left off. And we can rest up and try again tomorrow.
All the amens.

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