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Books My Friends Wrote!

I’m so excited to show you all of the AMAZING books my friends have written lately. There is just something special about holding the words of a friend in your hands. I couldn’t be prouder and I’d love for you to help me celebrate and further their success! And I have to tell you there is definitely something for everyone on this list!

I present…

Book My Friends Wrote!

If We’re Being Honest by Jennifer Thompson

If We Are Being Honest is not just a book; it’s a guiding beacon that empowers women to break free from the suffocating grip of perfectionism and embrace their true selves.

Do you ever find yourself feeling alone? As if somehow, you’re the only person in the world who can’t seem to get their life together? Women everywhere struggle with feeling as though we’re failing. We shapeshift in and out of our roles as mother, wife, daughter, employee, friend, and volunteer in a desperate attempt to be all and give all… but at what cost?

It’s OK to Embrace Your Body by Danielle Sherman-Lazar

PREORDER May 6, 2024

When Sophia develops a case of the body blues, she isn’t sure what to do…

But with the help of a few special friends, Mommy explains how bodies are beautiful and powerful, and can do amazing things – like moving and jumping and wiggling. Getting body blues is normal, but they shouldn’t stop anyone from doing what they love – in Sophia’s case, getting pool-party ready in her swimsuit!

A fabulous children’s book with an outstanding message!

So God Made a Mother’s Story by Leslie Means

How much do you really know about your mother?

You know her favorite color. You know how she takes her coffee. You know she’d do anything for you. But do you know her story? What did she worry about as she rocked a baby in the middle of the night? What is she proudest of? How does she hope to be remembered? What is her legacy?

So God Made a Mother’s Story is an inspirational guided journal that invites a woman to share her heart–in her own handwriting–with generations to come.

This book is the companion to So God Made a Mother.

Version 1.0.0

The British Booksellers by Kristy Cambron

Inspired by real accounts of the Forgotten Blitz bombings, The British Booksellers highlights the courage of those whose lives were forever changed by war—and the stories that bind us in the fight for what matters most.

And check out this review…’In this memorable blend of romance and WWII history, Cambron (THE PARIS DRESSMAKER) chronicles the devastation of the Coventry blitz and its impact on two budding couples . . . Cambron brings a great deal of authenticity to her rendering of Coventry’s ‘Forgotten Blitz’ (which took place almost 100 miles from London), as the tumult and trauma of wartime make class disparity and past misunderstandings wash away, leaving only authentic emotion. Readers won’t be able to turn the pages fast enough.’ — Publishers Weekly starred review

Kristy is also my agent and the best person you could ever meet!

Everything I Wish I Could Tell You about Midlife: A Woman’s Guide to Health in the Body You Actually Have by Mikala Albertson

Preorder Oct 8, 2024

Drawing from eighteen years of medical practice and personal experience, Dr. Mikala Albertson addresses the universal struggles that women face while navigating health and healing in this new stage of life, exploring topics such as

· current medical best practices for wellness and well-being
· understanding perimenopause, hormones, mood disorders, body image, and more
· balancing co-occurring stressors such as relationship troubles, caregiver expectations, and shifting motherhood roles
· finding support, purpose, and healing in this difficult part of life

You may be weary, but there are steps you can take toward health and healing while discovering along the way that there is beauty here too.

Field Notes from the Wilderness by Sarah Bessey

Field Notes for the Wilderness guides us through multiple principles to live by for an evolving faith, including

• practicing wonder and curiosity as spiritual disciplines
• mothering ourselves with compassion and empathy
• making space for lament and righteous rage
• finding good spiritual teachers
• discovering what we are for in this life, and moving in that direction

In this groundbreaking and nurturing book, Bessey becomes a shepherd for our curiosity, giving us a table for our questions, tools to cultivate what we crave, and a blessing for what was—even as we leave it behind.

Please note: Sarah is my dream friend. I was lucky enough to serve on her launch team so we are REALLY CLOSE to being friends!!





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