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Care Packages You Can Send in a Jiffy!

College care packages mean love, so here is some goodness you can send in a jiffy!! Here are some fun things that will take the edge off having to get back into the swing of school life! {Just click on each picture to order!}

Microwave Ramen Cooker (fancy!)

When you have to live on ramen but still want to feel a little fancy.

Personalized socks

Who would not want to open a care package with your mother’s face on it! HA!

Animal socks

These were a huge hit with the girls last year!


Lily make me put this on the list, pretty sure she wants it!


The “You may have forgotten these” office supplies

If your child is an education major or at all in need or organization they will love this.

lip balm 

Always a great add on, order some for yourself while you are at it, fall is no joke.


sleep mask with built in head phones

I want these! But perfect for so many roommate scenarious.

Scuff slippers

They will also wear these to class…so they will get a lot of milage out of them!

fidget toys (can share with friends!)

A great ice breaker and stress reliever!


My kids want these all the time, all of them.

pocket for pack of phone

They likely have one but have you looked at it lately? This could always use freshening up!

duck night light (this one just makes us chuckle)

I’m sorry but if this isn’t the most fun care package item ever I don’t know what is!

mush nightlight

We own it and I was sad when the girls took it back to school!


The perfect stress reliever and also draws folks in to help solve it!

Classic water toy to destress

No joke, this toy is STILL FUN and kids can spend a ton of time just destressing trying to get the rings over the little pole. And they won’t be looking at a screen!

Mac and Cheese cups

A classic.

Random snacks (just pick their favs!)

Another classic.

Other ideas not from amazon…


Build a bear with a heart inside that you record “I love you” on (how sweet!?!)

Insomnia cookies or other treat place gift card


{I am an Amazon affiliate and make a small amount off of each purchase. I thank you for ordering through these links for all of your college care package needs!!}

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