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Gift Guide for the Teenage Boy (straight from their lips to this list!)

OK, you asked for it, the gift guide for the teenage boy! I asked them, and they delivered. Also how cute are they (please note, the smaller boy contributed to his own gift guide for tweens also coming soon)


gift guide teen boys

The older boy said these gifts will “spark joy” in any boy either because they are awesome or they are nostalgic or both. For the record the almost 18 year old still picks out a Hot wheel car when he goes to Target and just holds onto them like a little piece of his childhood. He spent years falling asleep holding onto a little metal Lightening McQueens so this should be no surprise.



  • Lock picking kit: For the boy who is fascinated by how things work this is a super fun gift. They can play around with different locks and explore how they work! This one is actually a ton of fun.
  • Hot Wheels: Apparently boys of any and all ages love Hot Wheels. This is a great stocking stuffer and you can get them that car they have had their eye on for wayyyy cheaper than you thought!
  • Lego kits..tiny kits or large and complex or special kits: LEGO offers something for everyone! There are kits that embrace architecture, special interests, TV shows, you name it! And the kid in EVERYONE loves a little LEGO. Here are just a few that are super fun ideas, but really the options are endless and make Christmas morning just full of joy.
  • Raycon earbuds: I have been assured these are the best earbuds around, they are noise cancelling, comfy and “better than Airpods” according to the males in my life. And you cannot go wrong with a tech gift. These have over 17,000 4 1/2 star reviews, impressive.
  • Heelys: I cannot overstate how much fun our family has had with these. Our oldest wheeled around our entire last family vacation and when he got tired the other kids pulled him along. He wore out his first pair and is onto his second. The wheels come out so they can be worn as boring ol’ regular shoes too. A crowd pleaser for sure!
  • VR Head Set I told them it had to be less than $100 and they gave me this…sorry they love it. If you want to splurge here you go.
  • Record Player blue tooth speaker: This one is just fun. Also my husband wants one too.
  • LED lights that can be synced to their games: You can sync these to music, Alexa, all the things for a ton of fun!
  • Remote control ANYTHING I have to tell you I have bought both boys a remote control car in the last few months. When asked what kind of remote control things they would like the answer was, anything at all.  Cars, drones, robots, it’s just all fun for all the ages. Here are a few we thought looked like fun!
  • Knives. We have a so many crazy pocket knives and survival knives around our house. They are great for bringing hiking and doing anything outdoors and I find many things around our house have been “whittled”. Survivaly multitools are awesome too.
  • Anything survival related: If they love gadgets they will love this one!

  • Pet Pillow: If you have a pet, who wouldn’t love a little wonderful memento of that pet to love?
  • Hoodies: Seriously, they can NEVER have enough!



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