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Migraine Free Holiday!

OK, so who wants a migraine free holiday season? Do I have another migraine fighting tip for you! I am always looking for something that is going to help us fight our migraines around this joint. And during the holidays, it seems we are all more prone to them. It can’t be all the eating and drinking and staying up late?? Ha! Nothing is more sad to me than going down with a migraine and missing the fun, or having this happen to one of my kids (that feels worse actually, I’d rather me than them any day!!). Rescue meds are not the answer for us for some reason and my doctor assures me that a constant stream of migraine medications are not the answer for our bellies either.

So I found us something new. This one is called Cefaly, it is a little device that generates a signal that is sent to stimulate and desensitize the trigeminal nerve. You can use it to prevent or treat your migraines, there is a setting for each. It attaches right on your forehead and you can lay back and relax while it works it’s magic. I haven’t had a migraine since I have been using it, yay! Thomas gets migraines in clusters, once it starts it can last up to a week. I gave him this little guy and his migraine was gone within 24 hours and best part, he was back at school!! Yay again! Order yours here and use code hiding in the closet with coffee for 15% 0ff. Here is to a migraine free holiday my friends, we will not let them get us down!

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migraine free holiday


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