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Behold my new sock system

Behold my new sock system.
This garbage bag is full to the brink (I threw out the bad ones these are the guys worth saving according to my brain which may be a faulty judge) and it is solving all my problems.
I simply stash it in the college girls room where I never have to face it and then pull it out once a month when there are new unpaired socks that appear in the wash…like when we reach more than 40 that don’t have mates. Which makes zero sense to me since I started with all paired socks…but I digress.
I then root around in the layers of the bag fishing for matches and pretend it’s a fun game. I pull out hand fulls and I lay them out and play sock memory where a bunch don’t have matches to begin with so it’s not a great game. I whoop with joy when I find a match. I have just enough success that it lets me keep going imagining the day all my socks have found their other half. #daretodream
When I’ve paired about 30 pairs or so (you knew I wouldn’t get the full 40 right?) I give up stuff the randoms into the bag and restash it in the closet. Tonight we had to double bag it, it’s getting a bit bulky.
But never fear!
Out of sight is out of mind and I can PRETEND all my socks have mates! No stray socks on the baskets at all!
Organization at its finest.
Of course you’ll want to follow me for more household tips. You are welcome in advance.
Amy aka Domestic Goddess of socks
Also please note that Lily saw this and said hey maybe if I bring my stay socks from school we’ll find some mates. That explains some things…and also I smell victory coming my way with my new sock system!
Note number two: Yes my sweatshirt does say believe…because somebody has to.
amy with socks

Be Where Your Feet Are Sweatshirt