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Back to School Tip for Everyone

Back to school around here and I have people going all the places…middle school, high school college, it is just flat out bananas. It’s time to get organized! We are in the thick of it here. And as we spend all the money to get ready, I worry about losing all the things.

As our youngest heads to middle school, there are more things in his day which translates to more opportunities to leave behind his water bottle or favorite sweatshirt and middle schoolers are not famous for retracing their steps. When I am in classrooms we are legit chasing kids out the doors asking, “Who does this water bottle belong to?? Whose sweatshirt is this?”. Every. Single. Hour. We have to label our things people!

Our high schoolerleaves from school right to sports where all of their identical cross country sweatshirts are tossed in one big pile. And after the meets parents are all trying to be helpful to their kids, and we all fish through the giant pile of things dropped under a tree, hoping we get the sweatshirt our kid brought but odds are strong you are grabbing someone else’s medium sweatshirt, how can you really tell which is which? I’ll tell you how, all we need is one little label my friends and this great dash becomes easier!

And my back to college kids love these labels to ensure they can loan things to friends with ease of having them returned and can label their food in the fridge and freezer. SO MANY roommate arguments saved! And if not arguments, hurt roommate feelings. When someone eats the leftovers I was dreaming about all day, my feelings are very, very sad. Maybe I need some labels that say “mom” just for me!

As you know one of my favorite tips that help every single level of kids and crosses all space and time of age and grade are the amazing and super cute Name Bubbles labels.

From the no man’s land that is the middle school lost and found (seriously friends there are so many name brand water bottles and sweatshirts and books and shoes you would lose you mind) to kids who leave all the things all the places at the high school, to the madness that is dorm and roommate living, Name Bubbles comes through every single time. If you have littles you are not left out! They have labels for EVERYTHING. Even that first kiddo heading out to daycare can use these labels! Caring for littles is madness and their things straight up disappear if we are not careful.


Their School Label and Daycare Label Packs are there for all of your needs. These labels are designed to cover backpacks, lunch boxes, baby bottles, and more! Their labels are not only dishwasher safe, microwave safe, and freezer safe but are also laundry safe and waterproof. These babies are not going anywhere! And I promise you will find just the perfect cute labels to fit your kids or teens or even young adult personalities. There is something for everyone! Just head here to find exactly what you need! And use code Hidingwithcoffee for 10% off your order! You are welcome!


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